• On Dec 17, 2013, Tamazon said: Winner

    The lucky winner is: Angieia

  • On Dec 12, 2013, Jana Leah said: contest

    I plan in advance by asking everyone for their wishlist. Thanks for the giveaway! Tweeted & Liked.

  • On Dec 11, 2013, Rebateme said: Contest

    I plan out in advance i HATE last minute stuff

  • On Dec 11, 2013, Cheryl said: Hmm

    I always have good intentions of shopping early, but I usually wait till the last minute. ;)

  • On Dec 10, 2013, DebbyG said: Contest

    I try to plan and I think about it. But somehow it never works out.

  • On Dec 10, 2013, Angieia said: procrastinator

    I am a procrastinator. I usually shop in December I don't have very many people to buy for so I am not in a big hurry. I might also get a good deal if I wait on some things.

  • On Dec 09, 2013, mamaconnie said: Holidays

    I like to shop year-round when I find a gift someone would love to have. And I enjoy Christmas stories! Would be great to win.

  • On Dec 09, 2013, anita said: Every year.......

    I've gotten my shopping done early. The one time I've not done that and I'm going absolutely BANANAS! I have hopes of getting finished, then there is the gift wrapping!

    Pat C.

  • On Dec 09, 2013, xrayamy said: Merry Christmas!

    I try to plan, but usually am rushing at the last minute!

  • On Dec 09, 2013, maryandphil said: Casa for the Holidays

    I plan for holiday shopping. I've read previous books by these authors and all are liked them all.

  • On Dec 09, 2013, Bounce Around Book Luvr said: try to plan

    I try to plan =) but it never works out for me

  • On Dec 09, 2013, KimberlyMayberry said: Plan it!

    I try to plan my holiday shopping as much as possible, but there is always something one needs to get or forgot to get at the last minute!

  • On Dec 09, 2013, Monica said: Casa for the Holidays

    I've read all of these authors and they are great.

  • On Dec 09, 2013, Mary Jo Burke said: Casa for the Holidays

    I'm on the lookout all year and plan my shopping

  • On Dec 09, 2013, Jeanne said: Casa for the Holidays

    I love to read Christmas books. I find myself reading instead of planning out my holiday shopping but I don't care!!!

  • On Dec 09, 2013, squiresj said: contest

    I love Holiday books all year round. Enter me please

  • On Dec 09, 2013, Aly P said: Holidays talk

    I plan everything out, I hate the crowds :D

  • On Dec 08, 2013, Bemiown said: Christmas shopping

    I have become a procrastinator lately so I wait till the last minute. I shouldn't but I do. I liked, followed and pinned.

  • On Dec 06, 2013, shelly said: holiday shopping

    I like to get most of it done even before Black Friday and now shop on line or local stores for any last minute gifts I might of forgotten

  • On Dec 05, 2013, missmaria said: Merry Christmas!

    I do what little Christmas shopping I have on the Oriental Trading website & then go to stores like Target, Walmart, & the Christmas Tree Shop! I love Juliana Stone's books!

  • On Dec 04, 2013, ArlenaDean said: Casa for the Holiday

    I love reading Christmas novels during the holiday. These are right down my alley!

  • On Dec 02, 2013, ELF said: Procrastinator

    I tend to tuck away gifts throughout the year but wait until the last minute to check that I have something for everyone and before I convince my hubby to do any needed wrapping, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Dec 01, 2013, jackier said: SO EXCITED!

    I am a brand new fan of Grace Burrowes and would adore reading all of these books! :)

  • On Nov 30, 2013, greenshamrock said: Holiday books

    Wow love those authors... great sounding Holiday reads!!! For me, I try to plan my shopping.... sadly I am not done yet.

  • On Nov 30, 2013, LuvnPhrost said: Casa For The Holidays

    Four awesome authors!

    It seems that no matter how early I start my shopping I always shop until the last minute anyway. I just end up spending much more than I planned!

  • On Nov 29, 2013, Rebateme said: Shopping

    I plan it out, buy things ahead of time and just see what I need to finish it while watching the sales

  • On Nov 27, 2013, ecocat said: Great Authors for the Holiday

    This is the greatest selection of books from these four wonderful authors. You can't go wrong with these books. These books could make a great gifts.

  • On Nov 27, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    plan it out

  • On Nov 27, 2013, Rhianona said: holiday shopping

    Depends on when Chanukah is. This year, I finished my holiday shopping in Oct. I usually get my shopping done fairly early but not on black friday because I hate the crowds and commercialization of it all.

  • On Nov 26, 2013, Lexi said: I hide

    Hide in the safe confines of my home that is. Cyber Monday was made for me. No crowds and you can sit with a book and peruse at will. The perfect way to holiday shop :)

  • On Nov 26, 2013, pwall said: Shop all year

    I usually pick up items that I know my friends and family will want all year long.

  • On Nov 26, 2013, Cajun Girl said: Contest ....

    Cajun girl says ... I plan my shopping ... no last minute stuff for me ....I have a list,I start my shopping early,and those I have no clue for,I usually get them gift cards... shopping for me is easy ... books ... :-)


  • On Nov 26, 2013, Lori Meehan said: Both

    I plan only if I see good adds. Most of my family drag their feet on letting you know what they want so a lot if my shopping is late in the season.

    Shared and tweeted.

  • On Nov 26, 2013, Angieia said: Wait to buy

    With both kids grown up I have been waiting to buy presents. I think about what I would like to get people, but wait until December to start shopping.

  • On Nov 26, 2013, Mary Jo Burke said: Casa for the Holidays

    What a wonderful prize and I'm a year round Christmas shopper.

  • On Nov 26, 2013, bibbiesparks said: contest

    I am a last minute person.

  • On Nov 26, 2013, catedid said: contest

    I always enjoy anthologies and look forward to this Christmas one. Liked and tweeted.

  • On Nov 26, 2013, Deal Sharing Aunt said: deals

    I don't plan,I buy stuff when I see it

  • On Nov 26, 2013, Laurie P said: I start early

    and finish early. Tweeted!

  • On Nov 26, 2013, MarcyWho said: Strategic Shopping

    oh we plan our shopping, with all of us having a list to complete. then we go out for breakfast! no stress for us

  • On Nov 26, 2013, missmaria said: better late

    I always wait til the last minute, like I do with everything else! Why change just because it's Christmas time?!

  • On Nov 26, 2013, fighterjenn said: last minute

    I am always a last minute shopper. I am that person you see in the store still trying to find presents on Christmas Eve! I tweeted and liked this on FB also!

  • On Nov 26, 2013, ELF said: Thanks for sharing

    It is always great to see other people's traditions! I wish all of you great authors a wonderful holiday season and look forward to reading more of your great titles in the coming years!

  • On Nov 25, 2013, CrystalDark said: Thanks for the giveaway!

    I usually pick things up as I see them throughout the year and try to be close to finished by Black Friday. I have relatives out of town that I send gifts to so I have to get all their stuff wrapped & shipped by the middle of December. I am also part Jewish so I need to deal with Hanukkah gifts as well. This year Hanukkah starts the day before Thanksgiving so I have already started to get some wrapping done.

  • On Nov 25, 2013, squiresj said: Contest Entry

    I start shopping all year for Christmas and by Nov. - done

  • On Nov 25, 2013, DianeS said: Pinterest

    Pinned at

  • On Nov 25, 2013, DianeS said: Facebook

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  • On Nov 25, 2013, DianeS said: Shopping!

    I try to plan it out, but sometimes it's hard to find what I want to get - it's often just better to go out and look around with an open mind.

  • On Nov 24, 2013, Ingeborg said: Christmas Shopping

    I plan my shopping. I have lists of what I plan to buy. Usually I end up buying way more than I had planned. There are just too many good deals to pass up.

  • On Nov 23, 2013, Orangepeacock said: Planning

    I plan to a certain extent. But basically it comes down to Christmas Eve and I haven't gotten any presents hahahaha! Lol. This is an awesome tour and I look forward to checking out the other stops. Thanks so much for the chance tow in these amazing books!

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  • On Nov 22, 2013, Glenda said: Christmas shopping

    I try really hard to plan my shopping, especially since I've been doing so much online the past few years. However, there is almost always a present or two that I end up getting last minute. :-)

  • On Nov 21, 2013, dragracefan said: Happy Holidays!

    All four of these books sound really good! Thank you for the giveaway! I hope all of you have a happy thanksgiving, christmas and new year!

  • On Nov 21, 2013, MelodyReads said: Merry Christmas!

    I plan to start early but always ended up waiting until the last minute which is a bad idea and I know that but I ended up procrastinating every time. I hope this year is different. :)

  • On Nov 21, 2013, Carolyn Brown said: Shopping...

    With 15 grandkids (note here: I was a very young grandmother) and great grands now showing up on the radar, I have to start early with the shopping business. But oh, what fun!

  • On Nov 21, 2013, jmcgaugh said: Holiday Shopping Habits

    I'm somewhere in between, though I don't often know, in advance, what I'm going to get most people. I try to get started several months ahead of time, but I usually end up finishing up in the last week or two.

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  • On Nov 21, 2013, paaj said: Holidays

    I plan out my shopping but it all just happens to be last minute (a few days before) because of school. But this year, I seem to finish earlier and so I have a week to do my shopping.

  • On Nov 21, 2013, VanillaOrchids said: Last minute.

    I wait until the last minute. I don't have very many to buy gifts for though.

  • On Nov 21, 2013, Bmhy said: Holidays

    I plan out my holiday shopping and I try to complete it before the last minute rush. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • On Nov 21, 2013, AquarianDancer said: Plan

    I definitely plan it, because I work in retail. I like to have it done before it gets too crazy.

    Liked & Tweeted.

  • On Nov 20, 2013, Evampire said: What a way to share the holidays

    Sounds like great holiday books. Thanks for sharing them and the giveaway. Wishing everyone a wonderful and magical holiday season. evamillien at gmail dot com

  • On Nov 20, 2013, Carolyn Brown said: Merry Christmas!

    Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving comments for us. We love our readers and like to read what you have to say!

  • On Nov 20, 2013, LSUReader said: Planning Works Best

    I usually plan my holiday shopping. I'm done with most of it, which is great. There's still all the cooking, decorating, and wrapping left to go! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Nov 20, 2013, Bookfreak said: Planner

    I'm a planner, I usually plan out what I want to get someone and then try to look for deals. The little things that I get people are usually small things I find on sale when just shopping regularly so those are not planned. But I'm a planner, everything has a plan with it :D

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  • On Nov 20, 2013, JeanMP said: Christmas Shopping

    No, real plans, do most of it on line these day.


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  • On Nov 20, 2013, VSloboda said: Merry Christmas :)

    No, I just point and click. No plans at all :).


    Liked too