• On Aug 23, 2019, ljkish said: Dream Home

    I would like to live in a small town. I think that would be really nice.

  • On Aug 21, 2019, SandyH said: dream home

    hmmm. i love the beach so that would probably work just fine!

  • On Aug 21, 2019, Purpleunicorn said: Dream Home Location

    Country / Quiet

  • On Aug 19, 2019, DebbyG said: I would love

    a wonderful home at the foothills of the mountains with wildlife around

  • On Aug 19, 2019, Researcher said: Country with water

    I prefer country and quiet near a small town but close enough to a lake, river or the visit. I enjoy watching the wildlife..

  • On Aug 18, 2019, cbqtie said: Dream home

    A beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama or the Gulf side of Florida.

  • On Aug 17, 2019, dbranigan said: Dream Home

    I would enjoy At the Beach - It's the Salt Life.

  • On Aug 17, 2019, Lys Lucky said: It takes all kinds!

    I always thought I was a beach person, but then I had the opportunity to stay in a house right on the water. The sound of the waves kept me up all night and freaked me out! It sounded so loud and right on top of me! I missed the soothing sounds of car traffic and train horns. So, I guess I'll take the suburban life, where I'm within travel distance to the beach and the city!

  • On Aug 15, 2019, Westcairn said: Dream location

    My dream location would be in the country with quiet and mountains and wildlife and lots of trees.

  • On Aug 14, 2019, booksforme said: Live

    My idea house is in the country near a small town. We now live in a small town but not in the country.

  • On Aug 13, 2019, clarkws said: Dream location

    I would love to live at the beach

  • On Aug 13, 2019, Nicky said: Giveaway


    Thanks for the chance!

  • On Aug 13, 2019, ELF said: Best of both worlds...

    I am attached to my Internet connection but I would love to live somewhere that would give me access to nature and (friendly) wildlife. Thanks for the giveaway and for showing a normal desk, lol.

  • On Aug 12, 2019, KarenH said: Dream Location

    I would love to spend the rest of my life in a log cabin at the edge of one of the Great Lakes...preferably Lake Michigan

  • On Aug 12, 2019, lorir said: dream house location

    At the beach It’s the salt life

  • On Aug 12, 2019, Tamara Kasyan said: In The Woods

    I love where I live right now. I'm out in the country surrounded by trees and wildlife, and even have my own pond. But I'm also a short drive from the city so things aren't too hard to find or get to. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

  • On Aug 11, 2019, Tashia Jennings said: Alaska

    My favorite home town setting is in the mountains, forest, wildlife, and snow. I had the opportunity to live in Alaska for 10 years. It was the best experience of my life besides being blessed with my three amazing children!!

  • On Aug 11, 2019, Glenda said: I've got big dreams

    I'd love to live in the mountains during the late spring and summer - maybe part of the very early fall. However, I Do Not do snow. So I'd also love a winter home on a tropical beach

  • On Aug 10, 2019, dolphinBaby said: Dream home location

    The mountains away from society

  • On Aug 10, 2019, shorty said: Dream Home Location

    At the Beach - It's the Salt Life

  • On Aug 09, 2019, angienb said: Dream Home Location

    Downtown/City - I love walking around the city and if I could afford something reasonably sized that I can afford with all my furniture, 2 big dogs, 3 bunnies, oh and hubby, I would live in NYC in a heartbeat.

  • On Aug 09, 2019, SARAH TAYLOR said: IDEAL PLACE


  • On Aug 09, 2019, debbied said: Country

    I love the country setting so peaceful.

  • On Aug 09, 2019, honeyb said: I'd love to live,...

    At the Beach

    Or a Small Town with Country Type Neighbors and City Utilities

  • On Aug 08, 2019, MelissaB said: Life

    I would like to live on a quiet beach or lakefront.

  • On Aug 08, 2019, Ivythebookgeek said: Dream location

    It's a tie between country/quiet and forest/wild life.

  • On Aug 08, 2019, Latifa Morrisette said: Dream Location


  • On Aug 08, 2019, JeanMP said: Ideal Place


  • On Aug 08, 2019, LasVegasNan said: Dream home


  • On Aug 08, 2019, Bmhy said: Dream Location

    A quiet country setting with beautiful scenery and a variety of wildlife

  • On Aug 07, 2019, VSloboda said: My dream place

    I'd live on a lake in the woods.

  • On Aug 07, 2019, greenshamrock said: where...

    for me somewhere quiet like the country... wide open spaces, nature...

  • On Aug 07, 2019, bncandg said: re:

    At the Beach - It's the Salt Life